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The training team

Who we are ...

MALICIA TEAM is a team training BJJ in Brussels. His teaching is given by several black belts.

The training is serious, steady, disciplined and friendly: only way to enable the evolution of each.

Repetition of movements and the drill are the ways to assimilate the techniques and to obtain increased control and more efficient.


Bruno Pedras began the practice of Jiu Jitsu at the age of 11 years in Brazil and practice continually in competition.

It was formed by Alexander Brasileiro João Alberto Barreto student who is a direct student of Helio Gracie and Roberto Ferreira, great competitor and a professor in Brazil, the team leader "Beto & Cia".

At 19, Bruno came to Belgium to study but from regular training in Brazil. In Europe, he participated and won most of his fights in several championships.

The others black belt instructors are Akao, Axel and Yohan.


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